Saturday, June 13, 2015

Solstice Sowings

The longest day of the year is nearly upon us here in the Northern Hemisphere, which doesn't seem possible.  Wasn't it just chilly March the other day?  In any case, the summer season is well and truly away, with the garden growing daily and the weeds keeping pace as well.

If you are planning to do succession planting, now is the time to sow a late crop of kale, kohlrabi, cabbage and the like.  I've started a small batch of fennel, purple kohlrabi, napa cabbage, and mizuna, which should be ready to plant out in late July.  Then they'll be perfect for harvest in September/October, just before the frost hits and we're done with outdoor growing for another season.  You can also sow seeds directly into the ground, which is what I'll be doing for crops like radishes, arugula, carrots and beets.  Those I tuck in to any available space, as I lift something out for dinner.  They don't mind if they are planted in rows, or circles, or odd oblong shapes--they just want to grow!

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