Friday, February 7, 2014

A Little Celebratory Giveaway

So my Facebook page hit 100 Likes--something I was not really ever expecting to happen--and I decided, it was a great excuse for a fun little giveaway.  It took me a little while to figure out what to include, but finally, I figured it out: a chicken hat, a 2014 weekly "diary" for tracking projects, a box of favorite tea, and a couple gift certificates to two of my favorite places to shop--McMurray Hatchery and Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds.

Gosh.  Now that's some nice swag.

And how could you win this?  Oh, it's pretty simple.  If you're already a fan of The Chicken Lady's Farmlette on Facebook, all you need to do is track down the original post--easy enough to do, just scroll down to yesterday--and "like" it.  Tah dah.  You're in.  Not yet a fan, but signed up on Facebook?  Like my page, and then like the post.  You're in.  Whee!

If you don't do Facebook, well--for this particular giveaway, I'm gearing it for Facebook fans because, well, the page hit 100 Likes and there you go, the reason for the celebration.  But next time, which will be soon-ish, there will be another fun little giveaway and it's open to everybody who follows all the doin's on the Farmlette.

Oh!  The contest closes at 11:59 PM on February 22, 2014, so be sure to "like" to enter soon!

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