Monday, February 3, 2014

Long-Distance Seeds

One of the best things I have discovered about the internet age is that you can connect with people, and become friends, simply by sending a few emails and getting to know them virtually.  I think it is pretty amazing to be friends with people all over the world, who I may never meet in person, but get to share similar passions and pass times simply by typing some keys and clicking a mouse. 

I have been having such fun trading seeds--usually it starts with an email or a Facebook post, and then before you know it, a fun little package comes winging your way and lands in your mailbox.  This particular trade involved purple jalepeno peppers and Lower Salmon River squash seeds coming from my friend Kathie of Homespun Seasonal Living, while I sent her some cool Hillbilly tomato and Champion of England pea seeds.  Both of us are delighted with our new additions to the seed stash, but I think I really lucked out with the lovely card and homemade seed packets that were in my envelope!

I've also had luck trading with folks through Heirloom Seed Swap.  I obtained some lovely Earth Tones dent corn and Mandan Bride Indian corn, as well as some lemon balm seeds, all in exchange for seeds I had going spare in my seed stash.  I find through sites like this one, it helps to set up a profile and use a dedicated email account--not that I'm particularly worried about hacking from seed folks, but it always pays to be a little safe when networking with people you don't know at all.  And with anything internet related, it is important to be friendly yet reticent with personal information--some individuals seem to look at the 'net as their own private hunting grounds of a sort, which can be terribly unpleasant.  If you feel uncomfortable with where a conversation is going, or someone suddenly wants you to send them money or provide financial info, just don't do it, okay?  I have yet to have a seed trade go weird, but hey, you never know.  Mostly, I've just found nice folks from all over who really want what I happen to have, and we strike up a friendly deal to swap out seeds.  Everybody winds up happy and gets exciting fun mail in the box, instead of just sales flyers, catalogs, and bills.  And who wouldn't like a change from that??

Of course, seed swapping in person is very nice, but I do love trading seeds far across the miles, too!

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  1. What fun!

    Love that Homespun Seasonal Living blog, btw. Good stuff.



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