Saturday, February 15, 2014

Yarrow in the Garden

One plant I am adding to the garden this summer is white yarrow.  Now, as it creeps by rhizomes and spreads by seeds, I'm planning on putting it in areas where I don't mind it growing into a largish clump.  I have a couple spots in the yard that are prone to weediness, so I think it should do well there (full sun, not so great soil) and give the weeds I don't want a run for their money.  Not only will the flowers attract pollinators and butterflies, but you can use yarrow as a medicinal herb as well.  Apparently, yarrow is a good addition to homemade healing creams to staunch bleeding and heal wounds.  I've also read where it can be used in a tea, to help combat colds.  However, it can also cause nosebleeds--I'm not sure why I'd want to cause a nosebleed--but conversely, it can also stop nosebleeds.  Either way, with a nickname of "sneezeweed", I'm not sure I want to try it in my nose.  It is also reported to have a peppery flavor, which could be interesting in summer salads.  Mostly, though, I'm looking at it as a pollinator-attractor, possible herb for homemade wound ointment, and I know the rabbits will eat it.  It's one of the first bits they like to pull out of their grassy hay and devour.

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  1. I have it on my planting list as well! Woot woot! Both white as well as red!


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