Thursday, February 13, 2014

Homegrown Herbals

I have plans this summer to re-vitalize my herb garden.  Again.  I made the mistake years ago of planting mint directly in the ground, and it now runs wild.  It doesn't taste very good either--its a blend of several kinds of mint--but it is beloved by the honeybees and bumblebees.  My plan is to again dig it all out and start over with mint in containers.  Then, I'll have space to plant other things.

I'll be growing several things in pots, like lemon balm and lavender, but other things can be planted in the garden directly.  They may not winter over (sage, for example, doesn't always make it through the very cold winters) but they shouldn't spread quite so wildly.  I should have good luck with the winter savory and angelica.  They tend to form a large "clump" instead of a spreading mass of insidious rhizomes.

I rounded up some new reusable seed pots, which came with trays included, and I think they will work well to give my herbs a head start on growing.  Herbs take a long time to germinate, and as I've mentioned before, can be very finicky.  It's a good winter time project, and with luck, I'll soon have trays of green herbal sprouts greeting me under the grow lights.

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  1. I grow my mint in a pot too, but everything else goes in the ground. I did have my lemon balm in the herb garden, but it too will spread like crazy. I dug it all up. I love my herb garden.


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