Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Coming in March

If you happen to be in the Wisconsin area, particularly in the Hay River Valley near Prairie Farm, you might want to come on out to the Fourth Annual Traditional & Green Skills Event in March.  It's a great day, filled with classes, new and old friends, and you leave inspired to tackle a project or try out a new skill.  I'm particularly excited about this year, where there are more classes than ever (including one taught by myself!)  It's quite a bargain, too: $10 gets you a day of four class sessions, lunch, and the opportunity to join in on various projects in the community.  You can even score some free seeds from the Hay River Seed Library if you come visit me at the table during lunch hour.  And if you are a family, it's $25 and includes free child care for the littler ones.

Don't live in the immediate area but have a group of friends who want to come?  Sending a couple of representatives is encouraged, so you can take back impressions of the day and recreate it in your own local community--Transition Initiative is all about making your localized community cohesive and economically sound, so why not take this model and run with it?  You'll be amazed at the talent, industry and skills that are hidden gems waiting to be discovered amongst your friends and neighbors.  It's truly amazing to participate in the planning process, to organize this kind of event, and discover hidden talents in people you've met and known for years.
To see a more easily readable schedule, go to this link and download a PDF copy. 

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