Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Remember my re-purposing of those grapefruit peels after the Christmas holidays?  Well, they've been happily stewing away with some sugar and vodka and have been transformed (well, their essence has been transformed) into a gaudy little liquor called pompelomocello.  After straining through a fine sieve, it fills my little liquor bottle perfectly.  It needs to settle for a couple more months to mellow, but my initial sample suggests it has a lovely grapefruit flavor with a touch of sweetness and a bitter bite at the very end.  I think it is going to make for a fabulous summer cocktail, mixed with a grapefruit soda (oooh, an excuse to buy Blue Sky Organics grapefruit soda!) and served on ice with a cocktail of fresh summer fruit on a plastic sword.

Oh yes.  Drinks on the deck at 6, everyone!

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