Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Foot Update


It's been a few months since I last mentioned my foot and ankle, so I suppose a brief update is in order.  The short story is, its healing...slowly.  I can now flex it up and down (mostly) and wiggle it from side to side (somewhat).  I don't limp too terribly, except for when I first get up, out of the car, or if I've been doing a lot of walking.  Stairs, unfortunately, continue to be problematic.  I can go up them alternating feet per step, but coming down, it's still two feet per step.  Sigh.  It's coming along, just slow and plodding.  I still can't stamp very well, or stand solely on that foot, but I'm hoping to be able to dig a nice hole or two come spring time--it's all about stomping on that spade, people.  I've been getting a lot of work building back the muscle in my calf, hauling full carts of wood up into the yard to stack--my Achilles will stretch again before spring, dang it, it will!

So, since October, I've graduated from the cast-cast, the supportive plastic cage cast, and tossed aside both crutches.  I may never wear fancy girl shoes again, but I have some killer purple-and-turquoise sneakers.  They are shiny.  It's an okay compromise...although I've been wearing my winter boots for weeks on end.  Eventually, it'll melt enough that I can wear sneakers outside again.  Right now, I get to do the whole gym shoe change over thing with the kindergartners in the school hallway.  We bond over tying our shoe laces and compare cool glittery decorations on our snazzy sneakers.

There you have it.  I am mobile, although pokey, and shoe-fashion challenged.  But I'm moving, man.

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