Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Thank You, Herman!

Check out what came in the mail the other day--a box full of donated seeds!  There are corn seeds, radishes, lettuce, peas, beans, carrots, salsify (can't wait to try that one...), squash, melons, spinach, tomatoes, peppers and more.  The incredible bounty of possibilities is so beautiful and generous.  I love this program, organized by Seed Savers Exchange.  This is the second year that I've been able to get a box of loveliness, which I share with the folks who plant spaces in the Community Garden as well as with the Hay River Seed Library, which "lends" seeds out to the greater community.  I plan to split up some of the packets so that more people can share in them, and then out they go!  If you're in the area and wanted to see what's available, send me a message (there's a spot on the right sidebar to wing one off to me) and you can check it out.  There's certainly more here than I can grow on my own, so the more gardeners the merrier!

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