Monday, February 24, 2014

Yeah, I'm a Fan Girl.

I admit it.  I adore Hugh Fearnsley-Whittingsall.

Who is he, you ask?  Oh, he's only the dash chef heading up the River Cottage series, encouraging a back to real food movement in the UK (and the US, for those of us who watch him via YouTube installments).  Tackling topics such as nose-to-tail eating of animals, good vegetarian fare, supporting sustainable fishing practices, and the importance of consuming healthy, organic fruits and vegetables that people can grow in their gardens, Hugh is a witty wizard in the kitchen.  I think I've seen pretty much every episode of every series River Cottage has produced.  At least twice.

Given my love of all things Hugh, it's little wonder that after watching this video I was inspired to track down this recipe for Pear & Almond Pudding Cake, and make my own version at home.  Anything involving butter, sugar, pears and a springform pan has me pretty happy mucking about in the kitchen, I tell you!
Rich batter awaiting caramelized pears...oh yes.
Before baking, with a sundial of deliciousness on top.
30 minutes later and it is golden-brown perfection.
How did it taste?  Oh well, the next picture says it all:

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