Thursday, September 11, 2014

Change in the Weather

Well, we barely had summer heat and now, it's switched to fall.  Last night, my house got so chilly that I decided to light the first fire of the season--it was very welcome, very warm, and very appreciated by the dogs and Miss Vida the house cat.  It gave me, along with a cup of hot tea, the incentive to glance back at the summer to-do list and see what I managed to accomplish over the Summer That Wasn't Quite.

Summer 2014 To-Do List
1. Finish digging out all the garden beds.
2. Redo the front garden, and rescue any viable plants from the weeds.
3.  Trim and tie up all the rambling roses.
4. Finish planting the Perennial Veg Corner in the back garden. This is mostly done...
5.  Plant the blackberries and train them on wires.
6. Start training the new apple tree to wires so it will be espalier. Actually, I moved the apple & planted a pear, instead--it was very short dwarfing root stock, and will be happier, I think.
7.  Clean out the Bunny Barn.
8.  Clear out the Car Hut and purge--so much stuff in there! The whole thing is GONE!  Whee!
9. Figure out goat housing. Never did get goats...well, maybe next year?
10. Create and plant backyard herb bed.
11. Get in at least three cords of wood before October.  Well, I've got a face cord and a half...I better get stacking!
12. Create space for a summer kitchen on the porch.
13. Revamp and reclaim the herb bed. I decided to move a couple things and let the mint take over.  It already had, so this was easy to accomplish.
14. Figure out what strawberries need replanting.
15. Don't forget to spray apples in late June! I did this, and still, my Macintosh is dying...I think it's time to replant it.

Well, mostly everything done except for Bunny Barn cleaning and getting firewood.  I call that a summer well spent!

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