Sunday, September 14, 2014

Roo Bling?

In yesterday's post, I mentioned my plans to acquire some Swedish Flower Hens, and to keep a rooster so I could have a small breeding flock.  And I also mentioned I have a crabby neighbor who fusses and fumes about rooster noises.  How am I going to have my roo and keep the peace between warring nations?

With this:
Yes folks, there's a patented velcro collar out there to keep your rooster quiet.

I wish this had been around before.  I've had a couple very nice roosters that I would've kept if they'd been muzzled...

Anyway, I have plans to order one from the folks over at No Crow Rooster Collars when I settle on which rooster I will keep (and measure his neck circumference).  I'm kind of excited about all these chicken plans I've got on the simmer!

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