Thursday, September 25, 2014

Safety PSA

Well, apparently, my back has revolted.  I did a bunch of stuff this past weekend: moving straw, moving feed bags, heaving a heavy canner across the kitchen from sink to stove, a bit of cleaning and shoving around of furniture...and then, I mowed the lawn yesterday.  After that, my back was complaining a bit, and then yesterday, I bent over to pick up a pencil and POP, there she went.  Luckily, it's nothing more than a badly pulled muscle that is now spasming, complaining, and generally carrying on like a primadona.

I guess my plans for moving easily this week are going to have to be rethought.

Sigh.  Isn't it amazing how much stuff is all influenced by the state of your spine?

Anyhoo...let's take this moment to remind ourselves how we are supposed to be moving heavy things:

Oh wait.  Not that way.  Bend at the knees, people.  Bend. At. The. Knees.

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