Sunday, September 28, 2014

First Class

Yesterday was the first of many Master Gardener Level 1 classes.  I set out in LuLa early in the morning to reach the Spooner Agricultural Research Station by 9 AM.  It was a diverse group that came along to class: a good half-dozen retirees looking for a new project or volunteer opportunity, a couple of middle aged folks looking to add a bit of gardening knowledge to their repertoire of skills; and a couple of younger twenty-somethings who are looking to gather skills for small farming (or joining a commune, as one proudly reported to the group).  Based on what people had to share, I think I may have the edge on actual gardening experience, in that I grow a lot to eat.  There were a lot of people there who prefer beautification projects (flowers in formation, apparently) or working with youth to encourage them to plant school garden plots.  I'm looking forward to getting to know them all...and perhaps encourage them to look beyond pretty flowers in gardening!

I think the best part of class was heading out to the demonstration gardens, and having some hands on discussion of classification of plants.  If it wasn't for the crabby Asian beetles, it would've been a perfect afternoon: sunny, warm, a light playful breeze.  The instructors were very nice, too.  I got some good advice on my persistent strawberry problems, and will be moving them to a better location in the garden.
The next class gathering is in October, and before then, I have to do a bit of homework.  Mostly, it's brushing up on my Botany knowledge, which I actually rather enjoy.  It's like a whole other language, with syntax and semantics and flowing syllables tripping off the tounge...well, at least I hope it will be after I study a bit!

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