Wednesday, September 24, 2014

On My Table

It seems like my kitchen table is always covered with some harvest or another these days.  Between grapes (for jelly and juice), tomatoes, peppers, jerusalem artichokes, potatoes, citrus (for adding to various recipes) and the last of the greens, its an impressive assortment of food.  Bit by bit, I can, freeze or dehydrate it into submission and store it away for later use.  I'm also eating a fair bit of delicious fresh stuff, picked just outside the door. 

I've got one last pie pumpkin to process, and some bison to can up for quick ready meals.  And then there's cranberry sauce to make, and green tomatoes to evaluate and use up.  Between batches of salsa and assorted jams, the canner is in constant use in the evening.  It's good thing I picked up those new lids and have a collection of spare jars, because they are getting filled steadily.  I've started contemplating freezing some of the many eggs the generous Ladies are providing every day, so I have  a stash of those, too.  Although, the freezer is getting fairly filled, so maybe I'll attempt the mineral oil coating trick instead...the worst thing that can happen is that they go bad, right?  That would be sad and unpleasant, but could make for a cool experiment.  Hmmm...why don't they still have science fairs for grown ups?

Oh wait.  They do...the Nobel Prize.  Well, I won't win that for storing eggs, but it could be entertaining at the very least!

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  1. The whites freeze nicely. You could use the yolks to stock up on homemade noodles and then freeze your whites for other dishes.


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