Wednesday, May 7, 2014

A Little Garden Management

Now that the snow has melted and the ground is workable, it's time to finalize the garden plot assignments.  As the coordinator of the community garden, I have a little liberty in which plots I assign first: folks who have gardened there for the past few seasons get first dibs at their spots (and usually keep them), then comes the community groups who have volunteered to take on a garden project for the summer.  After that, it's first come, first serve--with an emphasis on placing people in gardens of their preferred size as close to the water spigot as possible.

This year, it was all about subdividing.  Three original large plots (20 x 30 feet) remain on the south side of the garden, while the north was divided into half-sized, or medium, plots (15 x 20 feet).  The pay-it-forward raised bed is assigned to the local 4H club, to house their pollinator garden, with the roughly 8 x 12 foot spaces on either side remaining as "small" garden plots.  As of writing this, there's only one large space, two medium and two small plots remaining unclaimed.  With any luck, those too will be snapped up by a lucky gardener or two before the end of the month.  And if the wet weather isn't too fierce, Friday should reveal a host of volunteer minions from the local high school descending on the garden.  They'll be put to work digging, or tilling if we round up a rototiller or two, and possibly spreading some compost (if we get a donation of that, as well.)

I'd better pick up some freezer pops if I'm going to put them to work like that.  I claim dibs on a red one!

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