Monday, May 12, 2014

Works in Progress

Yesterday was a day to get one project done, and make a head start on another.  I put together my latest "improved" compost area: two pallets held in place with t-posts, with a third in front fastened with baling twine.  A repurposed homemade gate across the smaller opening, and there you go: a compost area which may keep compost materials in and curious dogs out.  Only time will tell on that last part...

As for the project that got started, I worked on the back garden rehabilitation project:
After raking and burning off the dry debris from last summer (it felt wonderful to set fire to those giant lambs quarter skeletons!), I rolled out the thick weed blocker paper that will hopefully give the weeds a bit of a smother.  I have no doubt that eventually, they will win the battle, but I think the heavy paper will work to keep them at bay for a little while.  After rolling out the paper, I started to put together the series of six 4 x 4 foot raised beds....and ran out of steam.  Ah well.  They'll be waiting for me when next I get out there, which may be Tuesday evening if the rain holds off.  Once the beds are in place, I'll spread cedar chip mulch over everything which should again help keep weeds at bay for a little while, and then its time to start hauling the compost currently living in the front driveway through to the back yard.  Now that's a project and a half!

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