Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Let Your Flag Fly

While the mini-picket fence is adorable, it unfortunately is a tad too short.  The dogs have been treating it like a hurdle and tromping all through my new meadow.  Bad dogs!

I didn't want to replace the fence, so I had to find a way to add a visual barrier, one that would look intimidating to large, gentle-yet-naughty dogs who pretend deafness when being yelled out to get out of the garden, NOW dang it!  As I was tidying up the guest/crafty/library room, I rediscovered the contents of several pink rubbermaid tubs.  Hiding in one of them was all sorts of small amounts of lively cotton fabrics and jute twine--Aha!  My garden bunting project!  I was wondering where that had gone off to...

Using the rotary cutter with a homemade triangular template was good therapy after a day spent mucking around in the garden, and they sewed up quickly on my vintage sewing machine. A quick threading with jute twine later, and they were ready to hang above my picket fence.
Functional, festive, and (so far) excellent dog deterrents.  My meadow may be saved from marauding canines after all!  Now, to keep the cats using it as a handy litter box...

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