Thursday, May 15, 2014

Spring Greens

photo: wikipedia
I was delighted to find a new batch of stinging nettle growing in the "wild corner" under the box elder trees in front.  This little corner is home to a diverse selection of plants, including comfrey and raspberries and some thing that grows eight feet tall and has spumes of green flowers in late June.  The birds and bees love to visit this little area, and I think that's likely how the stinging nettles moved in.  Before jumping into a bit of a gardening project in the front yard yesterday, I picked a quart basket full of the tender leafy tops of this delicious spring green--wearing my gardening gloves, of course!  They may be delicious, but they pack a walloping sting.

After gardening and doing the usual chores, it was time to make one of my favorite simple spring suppers: scrambled eggs with nettle and whatever other veg I feel like chucking in.  To prepare the nettles, I first blanched them lightly and then rinsed them in a colander.  After whipping the eggs, rounding up the other veg of the day (sundried tomatoes) and deciding what cheese I felt like adding (smoked gouda), I squeezed all the water out of the blanched nettles, roughly chopped them, and tossed them into a hot cast iron skillet with melted butter.  A very quick fry later, it was time to add the other goodies and scramble my eggs.  There is nothing quite like a simple supper after doing good work in the garden, and the nettles were the perfect addition.

Later on, I'll pick more nettles and dry them to use in homemade herbal teas.  Once cooked or dried, they lose their sting.  They keep their wonderful green flavor, though.  If you have the chance to try nettles, you really should.  It's a free, healthy spring green that grows a-plenty!

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  1. I need to grow nettle. I have comfrey, but I think our brutal winter killed it off. It may be too early to tell yet. I am growing Holy Basil for tea this year too.


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