Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Weekend Outcome

This is what I did for much of the weekend.  Oh, there were other projects, too, but the front garden rehab took up a lot of my gardening mojo.  There's still one 4x4 raised bed that needs weeding and filling, but I need to get a new drill bit and repair one side board before I can do that successfully.  So, just ignore the weedy looking bed on the right, can you?  Thanks.

I dug the front strip, which is about six feet wide by 15 feet long, by hand, on Saturday morning.  After that was done, I dug in a lot of fresh compost.  And THEN, I worked on remulching the area around the beds.  Hopefully, the weeds will be knocked back a little and not reappear until, oh, say, July.  That would be nice...

On Sunday, I planted the front area in front of the wee little picket fence with all sorts of flowers.  There's a mix of multiflora petunia, zinnia, calendula, snapdragon, cosmos, and marigold.  For balance and a bit of drama, I planted Couve Tronchuda kale on either end.  I figure it will be come a massive green "hedge" bordering some pretty flowers.  At the back of the front strip bed, I planted alternating Giant Primrose and Evening Sun sunflowers.  Giant Primrose is a creamy, pale yellow with chocolate centers, while Evening Sun is a deep, purple-burgundy with dark eyes.  I think the contrast will be lovely, plus they will be very tall (at least 8 foot each!)

Stay tuned for more pictures in the next few days of my various projects.  Right now, I'm going to recline with a beer while I wait for dinner to be done.  Happy Weekend-end, everyone!

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  1. WOW YOU DID A FANTASTIC JOB! WOOT WOOT! I have things for you to do over here at my house!


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