Friday, May 9, 2014

Of Monsoons and Weeds

We seem to be locked into a pattern of heavy wet days with cold winds.  Last night, we had a series of impressively thunderous storms blow through, fairly continuous after 5 PM or so.  The dogs were not happy about this.  The lake reappeared in the corn field across the street.  Even the rabbits got a little soggy.

Today dawned misty and dark and glum, but it didn't deter a team of hardy volunteers from coming over to the Community Garden and lending a hand on a couple projects.  Not only did they make a head start on the endless task of weeding, but they also helped to assemble the new composter:
Plus, they made a start on the hugelkulture bed project, which will eventually be finished off by the 4H club and planted with bee & butterfly friendly plants.
Right now, it looks a lot like a raise bed frame filled with branches.  (That's because it is.)  Soon, though, the branches will be hidden under a layer of composted manure.  You'll never know they are there, except they'll be helping the bed to retain moisture throughout the long summer months.

Even though it was an unpleasant morning, the kids had pretty cheerful attitudes and worked like demons.  Thanks a million, minions!

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