Saturday, May 3, 2014

Saturday Fun..Before Work Begins

Hooray, it's the Weekend!!

Today, I'll be heading out to a hopefully not too wet experience shopping at some garage sales.  This is the weekend where I'm usually out with the girls on the 100 Mile Garage Sale around Lake Pepin, but this year, I'll be hitting maybe half of it with a couple of newbie friends who have never been .  It wasn't in the cards to do our big Girls Weekend this year, but I'm hoping to maybe find a yogurt maker or two and then head back home.  There's plenty of garden work to be done:  setting up the new compost bin area, working on setting up the back garden, peas and potatoes to be planted, hoop house management, you name it, it's on the list to be done.

Hopefully, the weather is cooperating where you are and you'll be able to get outside and tackle a spring project or two.  If you're looking for some light reading when you do take a break, you can read a fun little write-up here about my recent Major Award from Storey Publications.  Happy Weekending, everyone!

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  1. "...the rewards that come from a handmade life are truly priceless."

    Well said, and so true.



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