Sunday, October 6, 2013

Canning Jewel Box

It took several days to get done, but finally, all my canning is in one place.  Before, it was spread out between rooms, tucked under furniture, the bed, hidden in cupboards.  Now, I can go browsing for my dinner in one location.  It isn't easy living in a house with only one "real" closet, particularly when that closet is small (10 feet by three feet, oh the luxury).  It does seem a little strange to have my pantry be in the bathroom, but hey, it works!

I picked up some cheap moveable shelving at the local discount hardware store (they were having a Made in America sale, so it was about 50% cheaper than it would have been) and after spending an hour popping them together, I now have space for all my soups, salsas, beans, and more.

Every nook is filled with something delicious or necessary to canning.  I have a couple more simple wooden shelves that I plan to install, but that can wait for now.

I love that I even have room to "double stack" jars, if I need to!

One thing is certain, though.  I really don't need to make jam or jelly for quite a while.  I have an entire shelf, most of it double stacked, which is enough jelly to last me several years.  I also found fifteen jars of applesauce that I had "misplaced"...whoops!  Time to pick up some organic pasture-raised pork chops, I think.

P.S.  Special thanks are in order for my good friends the Wocelkas, who helped move all the canning from upstairs, downstairs.  Thanks guys!

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