Monday, October 7, 2013

Driving in Circles

Some days, I feel that most of my work life is spent with my hands on the wheel, staring out through the windshield as the world whizzed past.  I can spend over half my scheduled work day driving, so it's important to have things to sustain me on the journey.

1. A box of tissues.  I always have to sneeze at some point.
2. Coffee, water and sometimes, a can of Coke.  Mostly a mason jar of water, though.
3. Lunch and snacks.  It's funny how hungry you can get, just sitting and driving.

Lately, I've added "something to listen to" to the list.  I'm sick of talk radio, and music annoys me right now.  I don't want to sit in silence, but I'd like to be entertained and educated.  I have been on an audiobook kick, but with the last chapter done, I have turned to audio podcasts.  Lucky for me, I've found a few good ones that inspire me to come home and work on various projects around the Farmlette.

Johnny Max and the Queen host this delightful, down home show sharing tips and tricks and stories about life on their Texas homestead.  It's a little rambling, but that's how my brain works so it feels comfortable and familiar!

So, there's two versions of GardenFork: audio and video.  I haven't watched too many of the videos, but so far, I like the audio.  I'm a sucker for garden stories!

And can you guess why I like this one? Ha ha!  Being a canning lunatic, I find comfort in the company of my fellow mason jar addicts.  I've heard a couple of recipes I just can't wait to try!

These can all be found on iTunes, and subscription is free.  SS Homestead also has a companion website where you can connect with like minded folks.  I'm planning to check out the forum soon, myself.

If nothing else, they sure do beat listening to sad repetitious radio as I drive, and drive, and drive...ugh!

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  1. Good suggestions for podcasts! I'm always looking for new ones, because old reliables will fade away now and then, or not put out enough steady material. Gardenfork has been going for years and is consistently there with new material. It's steady. I also really like A Way to Garden with Margaret Roach, and Up Yours, Downstairs (for sheer hilarity).


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