Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Road Trip! (Day Two)

And, after a long drive, we arrived in Lawrence, Kansas.  It was pitch black, and it was a Friday night on the backside of the KU campus, so all we could tell was that the road was paved in bricks, there were at least three parties up the street, and it was warm. As in, end of August in Wisconsin warm. 

Wahoo!  We'd found the summerlands!

After figuring out our way into the schmancy B&B and climbing the stairs to our slanty-walled hideaway, we collapsed into bed and set our clocks for 0600.  We had an appointment to keep in the morning.

In downtown Watson Park, a little village of striped tents had appeared.  People were streaming in from all directions (parking was terrible!), wristbands were being slapped on, and there was an air of festivity all around us.

We'd found the Mother Earth News Fair!  Two entire days of excellent speakers, lots of useful knowledge, and a little homestead-themed shopping--I was amongst my tribe and it was glorious!

Here's some peeks at Day #1:

My first lecture: Ira of Southern Exposure Seeds, on everything garlic.
The crowds were a great mix of old, young, and those of us in the middle.

Live demonstrations abounded!  I think I might try making a cob shed...

Lori of Granny Good's Naturals gave a witty talk on making herbal balms and salves.

Celebrity sighting!  Ed Begley Jr. was there--selling soda pop!

You know its a good day when you leave with the start of plans for a new project...
It was a long, full day of learning, meeting new friends, and being inspired to become more self sustainable.  After finding our way back to our temporary home, we ordered in pizza (such a luxury--delivery service!  And yes, I know it isn't very self sustaining but what the heck, it was fun to order in take-away).  I nearly instantly fell into a food coma.  This was great, because Day #3 of our road trip to the Fair started early, too.

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  1. Sounds awesome! Can't wait to hear the stories :-)



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