Thursday, October 17, 2013

Road Trip! (Day 3)

It was another glorious morning!  Chilly, crisp sunshine, blue skies...and new animal friends.  This beauty was a handsome Giant Donkey, part of the the ARBA display.  He as such a patient, sweet boy--we bonded over an apple core.  I was tempted to bring him home, but he thought that riding in the open back of LuLa would be a teensie bit too windy.

Oh well.  Someday, right?

It was another wonderful day of learning opportunities on the second day of MEN Fair.  My first lecture wasn't as insightful as I had hoped, so I wandered and shopped some--I finally found the beans I'd been searching for ever since I saw them on an episode of River Cottage: Borlotti beans from Italy.

Aren't those seed pods just gorgeous?  I can just see them peeking out through green, lush leaves in my garden next summer.

I did catch the tail end of something I'd never dreamed I'd witness.

Joel Salatin and friend, with the help of an auctioneer called "The Colonel", auctioning off the chickens they had just butchered to an adoring crowd.

Only at the Mother Earth News Fair, folks.

The second lecture of the day was someone who I've wanted to hear for quite some time now.

Temple Grandin!

Ever since I heard her TED Talk on living with autism, I've wanted to hear more from her.  It was a really interesting lecture on animal behavior, with excerpts from her new book.  Temple Grandin's take on animals and their communication styles, combined with her "tell it like it is" presentation style, made for an inspiring talk.  As someone who tries to learn from observation, its always good to walk away with some ideas for better managing livestock--even if they are just chickens and rabbits (for now.  Someday, that donkey will be mine.)

I spent the day wandering stalls, finding sorgum, organic wheat and buckwheat seed, and lusting after a handmade broom, and listening to talks about The Farm, an experiment in intentional living now forty years old (yes, I do want to go visit...soon) and fermentation techniques (I've got to get a book or two...).  I had some nice chats with folks from places like Oklahoma City, OK, Lubbock, TX, and Mason, LA.  I was befriended by a curly headed four year old who dearly wanted to take a spin on my knee scooter.  I admired some lovely goats and a pair of oxen.  (Yes, I want them, too.)

Towards the tail end of the day, a large crowd began gathering at the main tent.  It was the final keynote speaker of the day, and everyone was ready to hear him.

Yes, it was my hero Joel Salatin. 

(Insert fangirl sigh here.)

He was his usual funny, witty self.  I would expect no less from someone delivering a speech titled "Don't Be Scared, Be Strange".

Addressing the seven fears that he feels keeps people from pursuing a self-reliant lifestyle, it left me feeling inspired and charged up to do more, be more, TRY more to reach those farmy dreams I've held onto for years now.

So watch out, readers.  The Adventures shall continue!

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  1. What a wonderful time you're having. I used to subscribe to MEN for many, many years but the Fair sounds so much better. Love those beans, btw - hope they'll come true and you can share some?! ;-)



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