Saturday, October 26, 2013

Odd, But It Works.

You might have seen this floating around Facebook or on Pinterest, and wondered, huh does it really work?  And you know me, I can't help but give things a whirl to see if they actually do, well, work.

Since I have plenty of eggs, it wasn't a pinch to find a spare dozen to try out the trick of baking "hard boiled" eggs in a muffin tin.  Basically, you heat the oven to 325 degrees and then bake the eggs, which have been placed in a muffin tin (just dry, no greasing or adding of water needed) for 25 minutes.  I guess you could do 30 minutes, but I found 25 minutes to be perfect for soft, delicate yellow-orange yolks and tender firm whites. The eggs give off an odd smell when baking, kind of like hot chalk, and they extrude a little liquid through their shells like little pimples and steam away happily.  After they are done and cool off a bit, they are quite nice "hard boiled" eggs, which peel fairly easily.  (I say fairly easily because these are, of course, very fresh eggs which don't really peel well regardless of which way they are hard boiled--but with this method, the peel came off with a minimum of lost egg white.)

So now you know.  In this one instance, what you've read or seen on the internet actually does work!

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  1. Thanks for this tip. I have 3 dozen eggs in the fridge right now-I can't seem to keep up! Will definitely have to give this a try.

    PS: I just recently got 13 of my chickens butchered-9 roosters and 4 hens- at the place you recommended. (Still have 12 hens.) I was very pleased. Thanks for telling me about them. KN


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