Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Road Trip! (Day One)

This past weekend was, simply put, absolutely fantastic!!

It all started on Friday, when my good friend Raine and I loaded up Lucille Laverne and hit the road, heading south to Decorah, Iowa.  Our destination:  Heritage Farm of Seed Savers Exchange.

It was one heck of a lovely drive, blue skies, winding country highways, corn as far as the eye could see.  Once we arrived, we were delighted to explore the barn style guest welcome center.

All 2013 seed packets were 50% off!
I hadn't really thought about growing gourds, but seeing these made me think...
After parting with a little of my folding money (seeds and a nifty SSE mug), we wandered outside and explored Diane's Garden, a little slice of beauty next to a classic red and white barn covered in climbing morning glories.  For all that it was the end of the season, the garden was humming with happy pollinators and wind tossed blossoms.

Such a lovely day!  We had a little picnic (cold chicken, smoked gouda, green tomato bacon jam, and crunchy apples), and then we were off on the second leg of our road trip: onward, to Lawrence!

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