Saturday, October 5, 2013

Relaxing at Home

Green Skills day was successful, and I learned a bit about wild herbs and converted a couple people to the joys of rabbits.  (I did get annoyed by a traditional horticulture presentation on growing small fruits, but that's what I get for sitting in on a class being taught by an extension educator--they really like to push the herbicides and chemical fertilizers.)  Now I'm back home, chores done and puffy foot resting for the moment.  My maiden voyage sans boot went pretty well, all things considered.  

My evening plan involves sitting, watching some episodes of Foyle's War, and peeling a basket of carrots.  Eventually, they will be chopped, put into a pot with some broth, ginger, and other good things, and become a batch of carrot ginger soup.  It's one of my favorite cold weather soups, and it seems the best way to use up my teeny carrot harvest and enjoy it for weeks to come.  I found a recipe online at which sounds spectacular and should can up perfectly in my pressure canner.

The pantry reorganization continues--it may be a "canning jewel box" by the end of the weekend, yet!  Thanks to the help of good friends, all the jars that were upstairs came down and all the clothes that were down, went up.  Now it is just a matter of putting together shelves and making things beautiful and functional.

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