Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Reviewing the To-Do List

Remember waaaaaaay back at the beginning of summer, when I came up with my annual, overly ambitious To-Do List?  Let's see how I did, shall we?

Summer 2013 To-Do List

1. Till up all gardens--front and back
2. Plant perennial vegetables in back garden by fence (Good King Henry, horseradish, Jerusalem Artichoke, Walking Onions)
3. Finish planting out garden starts and seeds
4.  Mulch everything with rabbit poo and compost
5. Get the hose connection pipe fixed, again.  Change to PVC?
6.  Plant Virginia creeper along wall of new Bunny Barn--how to train up?
7. Trim the rosebushes in front.  Not happening before snow fall, I don’t think.
8.  Dig out and replant flower beds in front.  I think this will be next year.
9.  Schedule work on root cellar project--needs to be done before October!  Again, happening next year.
10.  Move chickens out to fields in tractors.
11.  Figure out care coordination for chickens in the tractors.
12.  Hire lawnboy again for the summer--same one?  Different guy?
13.  If no lawnboy, look into hiring a sheep or two every week.
14.  Decide which rabbit to keep, and organize rest for sale at swap in June.
15.  Schedule chicken harvest date in August.
16.  Plant community garden plot.
17.  Go through spare plant starts; organize for Plant Swap in June.
18.  Water in the hoop house?
19.  Plant in hoop house.
20.  Rain barrels:  this year or next?  Next year!
21.  Pigeons:  this year or next? 
22.  Figure out sprayer and mix up Pyola concentrate.
23.  Mole problem:  how to control?  Dang critters digging up everything!  I think they moved.
24.  Clean out Little Coop; prep for new chickens.
25.  Buy new roosting bars for Little Coop; hang them.
26.  Need four more wren houses for top of back fence.  Local maker?

Huh.  Not too shabby for a girl with a bad leg.

Who knows.  Maybe I will get to those roses before snow flies.

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