Thursday, October 3, 2013

Gathering Inspiration

I need to redo the pantry closet.  It is miserable.  Clothes and canning and bathroom supplies, all crammed in to a dark brown space with one itty bitty bulb to light it.


I've been cruising Pinterest and gathering inspiration for my tiny space remodel.

I love this one:

The source wasn't identified, but it is sooo glorious!

Wrap-around shelving with hooks for drying herbs.  Le Sigh.  Not that I can store herbs in my bathroom (too steamy), but the shelving is ah-mazing.

And then there is this one:

You have to check out her post at Adventures in Country Living, she has some great ideas for things to put up! 
 Simple metal shelving might do the trick and be easily removed if I ever decide to make the one closet be for clothing, rather than food storage.

Hah.  Like that would happen. 

I've also been cruising the Craigslist options for clothing storage.  I need some place to put my clothes, I suppose, so I've been hoping to find a squat cupboard or dresser that will hold everything.  I may resort to boxes for my clothes, because I really have to get my jars out from underfoot soon!

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